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Huge Demand for HGV Drivers across the UK.  Earn up to £50K Start TrainingExplainer Video

Start HGV Driving Career with UK HGV’s Bespoke Training Programs

Amid a critical nationwide shortage of HGV drivers, the demand for qualified and skilled professionals in the transport sector is higher than ever. With over 100,000 vacancies across the UK, there’s a golden opportunity for individuals looking to embark on a rewarding logistics and heavy goods transportation career. UK HGV is at the forefront, offering a straightforward, flexible, and comprehensive training approach designed to set you on the path to success in the HGV industry.

Why Choose UK HGV?

  • Simple: Our four-step process demystifies the process to becoming a licensed HGV driver. From registration to practical tests, we ensure every step is clear and manageable.
  • Flexible: We understand the pressures of daily life. That’s why our training schedules are designed to fit around your personal and professional commitments, allowing you to train at your own pace.
  • Local: Accessibility is key to hassle-free training. With over 60 locations nationwide, you can find a UK HGV training centre near you, reducing travel time and making training convenient.
  • Affordable: We believe in making career transitions smooth and feasible. Our flexible payment arrangements are tailored to meet various financial needs, ensuring that money is not a barrier to your career advancement.

Our Simple Four-Step Training Process

  1. Register: The first step to your new career starts here. Register with UK HGV and let one of our friendly advisors guide you through the setup process. They will provide all the information you need to get started.
  2. Medical: To ensure the safety of all road users, our trainees undergo a medical check to meet the health standards required for professional HGV drivers. This step is crucial and is facilitated smoothly by our team.
  3. Theory Test: With our expert advice preparing for the theory test becomes less daunting. Our comprehensive service covers all necessary regulations and safety practices to ensure you pass with flying colours.
  4. Practical Test: The final step is where you get behind the wheel. Our experienced instructors will provide hands-on training, honing your driving skills until you are road-ready and confident to take the practical test.

Comprehensive and Bespoke HGV Training

Our courses aren’t just about getting you licensed; they’re designed to ensure you thrive in your new role. Whether Category 1, Category 2, Category C+E, or CPC training, UK HGV covers all categories and is tailored to meet industry needs and individual learning styles. Your personal training advisor will walk you through each stage, ensuring you understand and excel in every part of the process.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Our commitment extends beyond training; we assist with recruitment, helping you find the right job that matches your new skills and career aspirations.

UK HGV makes beginning your journey in the HGV industry as straightforward and supportive as possible. Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards securing your future in the fast-paced world of HGV driving.

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