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HGV License Categories

The haulage industry is the lifeblood of the UK economy, ensuring the seamless transport of goods across the country. If you are considering a career in this dynamic sector, it is important to understand the different types of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) licenses. At UK HGV, we are dedicated to guiding aspiring drivers through obtaining the right HGV license to match their career aspirations.

Category C1 License

The Category C1 license is the entry-level qualification for aspiring HGV drivers. It permits the holder to operate vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. This license is perfect for those looking to start their career with light trucks and delivery vans.

  • Typical Vehicles: Light trucks, large ambulances, and delivery vans.
  • Career Opportunities: Entry-level positions in logistics, delivery services, and local distribution companies.

Category C1+E License

The C1+E license builds on the C1 category by allowing drivers to tow a trailer over 750 kg, provided the combined weight does not exceed 12 tonnes. This qualification is ideal for those needing to transport heavier loads.

  • Typical Vehicles: Light trucks with trailers, larger delivery vans with additional cargo capacity.
  • Career Opportunities: Roles in construction materials delivery, specialised logistics services, and industries requiring the transport of bulkier items.

Category C License (Class 2 License)

The Category C license, also known as the Class 2 license, enables drivers to operate vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with a trailer up to 750 kg. This is a significant step up from the C1 license and is essential for those aiming to drive larger trucks.

  • Typical Vehicles: Rigid lorries, refuse collection vehicles, and large trucks for regional deliveries.
  • Career Opportunities: Obtaining this licence can mean positions in retail logistics, waste management, and regional freight services. This license is crucial for drivers who want to drive larger vehicles within urban and regional settings.

Category C+E License (Class 1 License)

The Category C+E license (or Class 1 license) is the highest HGV qualification you can obtain. It allows drivers to operate articulated lorries with a trailer over 750 kg. This license is necessary for those looking to drive the largest vehicles in the haulage industry.

  • Typical Vehicles: Articulated lorries, long-haul trucks, and large tankers.
  • Career Opportunities: High-demand roles in national and international logistics, long-haul freight transportation, and specialised heavy goods transport. This license is ideal for those seeking top-tier positions in the haulage industry.

Why Choose UK HGV for Your Training?

At UK HGV, we provide comprehensive training programs tailored to each license category. Our experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and our commitment to creating a safe training environment ensure you receive the highest quality training. Whether starting your journey with a Category C1 license or aiming for the top with a Category C+E license, we will support you every step of the way.

Understanding the different HGV license categories is essential for planning a successful career in the haulage industry. Each license creates unique opportunities and allows you to operate specific types of vehicles. At UK HGV, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals through our expert training programs and support. Join us and become part of an industry that drives the economy forward.

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