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Huge Demand for HGV Drivers across the UK.  Earn up to £50K Start TrainingExplainer Video

HGV Driver Shortage in the UK

For anyone that’s been keeping one eye on the news, will have heard this term a lot, especially over the last 6 months. But is this a new thing?


The answer is no, over the last decade The United Kingdom has always suffered from a lack of available drivers, pre-Brexit estimates hovered at around the 50,000 mark. A mix of drivers reaching retirement age, increasing training costs and the introduction of the CPC qualification meant that more licence holders were leaving than entering the industry. Pile Brexit on top of that and the loss of up to another 30-50,000 European drivers working in the UK and the Logistics industry is now more desperate than ever for fresh new drivers

That’s where we come in. Here at UK HGV, we’ve made it our mission to solve the crisis. From those looking for a complete change in career to employees already working in the driving or logistics industry and just wanting to earn more money, we’ve got it covered. With a focus on a simple bespoke training approach, we’ve taken the fuss and confusion of training. On top of that our monthly payment plans make unaffordable HGV licenses a thing of the past.


So take advantage of the HGV driver shortage and if you or anyone you know is looking for a fresh start and a good wage, send them our way. UK HGV has got you covered. 


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