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HGV and Cargo Crime in the UK

With the cost of living and energy cost crisis in the UK we are all starting to feel the pinch. For some this may lead to taking extra hours at work, getting a second job or just tightening the purse strings.

For others, however, the answer to these particular issues is to turn to crime.

Cargo crime in particular is thought to have cost the UK economy up to 700m last year, with an average of 13 theft incidents recorded every day.

One’s immediate reflection is of balaclava-clad ‘bad guys’ pulling high-value items such as TV and iPhones off the back of lorries. The reality however has become far different, with food products now making up the majority of thefts. A significant change is no doubt related to the current cost of living crisis

Some may also argue that food deliveries are the ‘easy’ target with these items often being transported via soft or curtain-sided lorries, meaning all that potential thieves have to do is simply cut the sides to access the loot, more often than not when the vehicle is empty or with the driver asleep inside.

HGV drivers are being urged to be extra vigilant
when either stopping in services or laybys at night, making sure they and the vehicle are safe and secure at all times. Some encouraging news is that violence is rarely an employed tactic with incidents occurring unseen and without intimidation.

There are currently an encouraging number of investigations and reports into HGV cargo AND driver safety and how both can be improved, current suggestions range from more secure ‘locking’ systems and an increase in the number of secure and regularly patrolled HGV parking sites up and down the country.

In the meantime, drivers are being advised to remain vigilant and aware. To protect both their cargo and themselves.

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